start prioritizing people over vehicles

Decades ago, cities had more spaces and parks for people. Everyone could freely walk around and just enjoy everyday life. But as years passed and populations grew, our public spaces started to prioritize vehicles over people. Now almost everybody owns a vehicle. With this massive influx, cities started to prioritize the needs of these vehicles […]

benefits of walkable cities for your health, social life, and the environment

7 amazing health benefits of walking feature image

The world is changing. The population continues to grow, urban areas expand, and more people move into cities. As a result, the need for sustainable, efficient, and livable cities becomes more pressing. With land at a premium, many cities are looking to redevelop underused or vacant sites within their existing footprint to accommodate growth while […]

a more walkable place

Walkability is a buzzword in community development and with good reason. The benefits of walkability are numerous, from health to community engagement—and it’s not just for cities anymore. But what does walkability actually mean? And how do we create walkable communities? a workable definition Walkability is the degree to which walkable destinations are available within […]