innovator spotlight: talk pgh and dr. eckart würzner

a new series I’m always on the hunt online for people who seek to make urban life more attractive and sustainable, whether it’s a nonprofit finding new ways to address infill issues or a community leader making their city greener and more energy independent. This new series will spotlight those thinkers and experimenters engaged in […]

community engagement

a vital part of urban infill strategy An infill strategy can be a challenge when it comes to successfully engaging with nearby residents. In order for a strategy to be sustainable, we must get buy-in from residents impacted by these decisions. To obtain this buy-in, we must make sure we are approaching the residents in […]

how urban infill helps the community

before anything, what is urban infill? Maybe you’ve heard the term before, maybe you haven’t. But in order to think clearly on a subject, we must define what urban infill is before we can explain its benefits. Urban infill can be defined as the process of converting unused or underutilized parcels of land in urban […]