start prioritizing people over vehicles

Decades ago, cities had more spaces and parks for people. Everyone could freely walk around and just enjoy everyday life. But as years passed and populations grew, our public spaces started to prioritize vehicles over people. Now almost everybody owns a vehicle. With this massive influx, cities started to prioritize the needs of these vehicles […]

innovator spotlight: talk pgh and dr. eckart würzner

a new series I’m always on the hunt online for people who seek to make urban life more attractive and sustainable, whether it’s a nonprofit finding new ways to address infill issues or a community leader making their city greener and more energy independent. This new series will spotlight those thinkers and experimenters engaged in […]

the problem of cars and how to fix it

Pollution caused by vehicles is a very real problem, not only for major cities, but for the entire planet. Check out this Tedx talk by Gabe Klein for an interesting paradigm shift in addressing this looming issue.