start prioritizing people over vehicles

Decades ago, cities had more spaces and parks for people. Everyone could freely walk around and just enjoy everyday life. But as years passed and populations grew, our public spaces started to prioritize vehicles over people. Now almost everybody owns a vehicle. With this massive influx, cities started to prioritize the needs of these vehicles […]

a housing revolution

An interesting article out of The Atlantic about accessory dwelling units and the need for a more dense and diverse suburbia in America: The Housing Revolution is Coming

innovator spotlight: talk pgh and dr. eckart würzner

a new series I’m always on the hunt online for people who seek to make urban life more attractive and sustainable, whether it’s a nonprofit finding new ways to address infill issues or a community leader making their city greener and more energy independent. This new series will spotlight those thinkers and experimenters engaged in […]

net zero

no, not the free dial-up internet provider from 2003 Net zero refers to energy. It’s when your home or business has the ability to produce as much energy as it uses. Through multiple means you produce your electricity on-site, essentially giving back whatever you take from the grid. Even if you can’t achieve net zero […]

the problem of cars and how to fix it

Pollution caused by vehicles is a very real problem, not only for major cities, but for the entire planet. Check out this Tedx talk by Gabe Klein for an interesting paradigm shift in addressing this looming issue.

a more walkable place

Walkability is a buzzword in community development and with good reason. The benefits of walkability are numerous, from health to community engagement—and it’s not just for cities anymore. But what does walkability actually mean? And how do we create walkable communities? a workable definition Walkability is the degree to which walkable destinations are available within […]

how urban infill helps the community

before anything, what is urban infill? Maybe you’ve heard the term before, maybe you haven’t. But in order to think clearly on a subject, we must define what urban infill is before we can explain its benefits. Urban infill can be defined as the process of converting unused or underutilized parcels of land in urban […]