ways cities can foster the arts

A blog post over at ESI has some thoughtful ideas on how cities can help economic recovery by making the arts a real priority. Everything they list is insightful, and it’s worth reading the post in its entirety, but it also got me thinking about how individuals can foster the arts in their communities. So I’ve prepared by own list of four things we can do right now to catalyze equitable economic recovery by supporting the arts.

Cities that underestimate arts and culture also underestimate their own citizens, because the arts is how we share ideas, express creativity, and find new ways to appreciate our differences – and find productive ways to live together.

but what can i do?

It’s no secret the arts are a necessary part of a thriving and equitable economy. From boosting tourism to creating jobs, the arts are a vital part of community life and when done right, they can have a powerful impact on economic recovery.

Here are four different things you can do to foster the arts in your community.

1. invest in local arts organizations

One way to foster the arts and catalyze equitable economic recovery is to invest in local arts organizations. These organizations provide opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and create art. They also help promote diversity and inclusion, and can stimulate the local economy by creating jobs and generating revenue. Consider donating money to these organizations. This can help them maintain their programs and services, as well as increase their reach.

2. support local artists

Perhaps the most effective way to support the local arts is to foster creativity in young people. This can be done through things like sponsoring a student in an arts program or by donating to a creative charity. Fostering creativity can help young people learn new skills and develop their creativity, which can lead to them starting their own businesses or working in the arts professionally.

Talking about the arts and their importance is also an effective way to encourage people to support local artists. Although it can be difficult to talk about money when discussing the arts, talking about how important the arts are and how they can help to improve our lives can help to bring people together around the arts and spark a positive discussion about the importance of the arts.

Artists and creative businesses create jobs and contribute to the local economy. They also create social and cultural value, which can be enjoyed by everyone.

When people support the arts, they help generate opportunities for artists and creative businesses, which in turn helps to create jobs and contribute to the local economy.

By enjoying the work of artists and creative businesses, people develop a sense of social and cultural identity.

This contributes to equitable economic recovery, as people feel connected to their community and have a better understanding of the value of art and creativity.

3. purchase art

A more direct way to support local artists is simply to purchase their art. According to a study by the National Endowment for the Arts, every $1 spent on arts and culture generates $4.47 in economic activity. This means that not only can purchasing art stimulate the economy, but it can also promote social and cultural cohesion.

Visit an art gallery and view the pieces for sale. Also, buy art directly from an artist from their website. Buying art directly from an artist has the potential to support the artist and create a stronger relationship between the artist and the customer.

4. attend art events

Whether going to a play, a museum exhibit, or a music concert, attending art events can another simple way to foster the local arts.

Some choose to attend arts events as a way to connect with their community, to meet new people and make new friends. Arts events are also an affordable way for us to experience the arts, and through them we can learn about different cultures and viewpoints, which helps promote a more inclusive society.


There is no question that the arts can play a vital role in fostering social justice and catalyzing equitable economic recovery. In recent years, arts organizations have been working to increase their impact by adopting new and innovative methods. Some of the most effective ways to foster the arts and catalyze equitable economic recovery are by expanding access to arts programming, increasing arts education and highlighting the impact of the arts on social and economic development. The arts can help to break down social barriers and promote understanding and social justice. They can also help to create a more vibrant and equitable society by promoting community engagement and cross-cultural collaboration. As individuals we can all play an important part in this process.