fostering the arts in our communities

Fostering the arts

ways cities can foster the arts A blog post over at ESI has some thoughtful ideas on how cities can help economic recovery by making the arts a real priority. Everything they list is insightful, and it’s worth reading the post in its entirety, but it also got me thinking about how individuals can foster […]

benefits of walkable cities for your health, social life, and the environment

7 amazing health benefits of walking feature image

The world is changing. The population continues to grow, urban areas expand, and more people move into cities. As a result, the need for sustainable, efficient, and livable cities becomes more pressing. With land at a premium, many cities are looking to redevelop underused or vacant sites within their existing footprint to accommodate growth while […]

community engagement

a vital part of urban infill strategy An infill strategy can be a challenge when it comes to successfully engaging with nearby residents. In order for a strategy to be sustainable, we must get buy-in from residents impacted by these decisions. To obtain this buy-in, we must make sure we are approaching the residents in […]